We attended the International Tailoring Congress

International Tailoring Congress an intense weekend in Oviedo

On November 11, 12 and 13, 2022, the International Tailoring Congress was held in Oviedo, organized by AES (Spanish Tailoring Association). The purpose of this Congress was to show tailoring and shirt making as two trades with a long tradition, with a close character and in which contact and trust with the client prevail, as well as the care and quality of a well-made product. Focused not only on professionals but also on the general public with the intention of bringing this wonderful trade closer to everyone.

The Congress began on Friday night with a welcome cocktail courtesy of the Principality of Asturias at the Hotel de la Reconquista. A first contact in a wonderful environment, such as this hotel.

Hotel La Reconquista Oviedo

Hotel La Reconquista Oviedo

The Congress was held in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Oviedo, the work of the architect Santiago Calatrava. At the discussion tables, Panel 1 discussed: quality, with the speakers Paul García de Oteyza (CEO Oteyza), Plácido Iglesias (AES secretary), Luis Sans (president of Santa Eulalia), Luis Álvarez (former director of consumption of Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Commerce Customer Ombudsman). In addition to quality at this first table, they talked about innovation and making this wonderful world known.

Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Oviedo

Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Oviedo

Mesa 1

Plácido Iglesias, Paul Garcia, Luis Sans, Luis Álvarez

During the break, the exhibition was presented: Tailoring, from the workshop to the street. In order to take the visitor by the hand through the history of the trade, the garments that characterize it and to learn about the entire production process, with samples from: Agustín García and Lucia Serrano from Tailoring Serna, Plácido Iglesias from Tailoring Plácido, Joaquín Fernández Prats from Sastrería Fernández Prats, Félix Ramiro, Repunte...

Hugo Pellejero Herraiz

Watching the exhibition

Samples exhibition AES tailoring

Next to the exhibition were the stands of the most important fabric companies such as: Vitale Barberis Canonico, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil and tailoring machinery.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Stand Vitale Barberis Canonico

In the following debate table they talked about: tailoring fabrics. Luxury and eco sustainability. The speakers at this table were: Álvaro Cebada from the Dormeuil company, Enrique Sanjurjo from Scabal, Valentina Berti from Vitale Barberis Canónico and Eva Alonso from Holland&Sherry. Very interesting and current topics were discussed, such as that there is nothing more sustainable than something that does not start until it is ordered, in addition to doing it by hand and the great durability of custom-made garments.

Mesa 2

Álvaro Cebada, Eva Alonso, Enrique Sanjurjo, Valentina Berti

In the afternoon we continue with the presentation of the book "Scent of Tailoring" Vol. I (Spain and Italy) and VOL. II (England and France) by Fabio Attanasio, honorary member of AES. Where it collects the characteristics of the main tailor shops of these countries. In Spain, for example: Plácido Tailoring, Serna Tailoring, Fernández Prats Tailoring, Yusty with Mario Zafra… At the book presentation he was accompanied by “Santcrispin” a reference in tailoring.

Fabio Attanasio

Presentación libro Fabio Attanasio "Scent of Tailoring"

Fabio y Hugo

Book signing

And at the last table they talked about: European Tailoring with Ayres Goncalo (Ayres Bespoke Tailor in Portugal), Carlo Jöch (Die Herrenschneider Association in Germany), Mario Zafra (Yusty), Fabio Attanasio himself and online connection of: Marc de Luca (Camps de Luca) and Gaetano Aloisio (vice president World Federation of Master Tailors and president Accademia Nazionale di Sartori). Where they talked about their styles, tailoring problems and future prospects for this trade.

Mesa 3

Ayres Goncalo, Carlo Jöch, Mario Zafra y Fabio Attanasio

We ended the day with a gala dinner at the Hotel Eurostar Palacio de Cristal in which they presented an honorary award to the family of Jaime Gallo and presented the AES 2022 Award to Lorenzo Caprile.

Sonia Peralta Fernandez Hugo Pellejero

Sonia Peralta y Hugo Pellejero

To put the finishing touch, on Sunday morning we enjoyed a guided tour of the city of Oviedo, sponsored by the City Council, in which we enjoyed the beauty of the city and attested to its reputation as a clean city. Of course we savored the rich gastronomy: fabada, cachopo and its famous sweet carballones...

Mafalda Hugo Pellejero

Photo with Mafalda in Parque San Francisco

Oviedo Cathedral and La Regenta statue

Oviedo Cathedral and La Regenta statue

San Francisco Park

San Francisco Park

Finally, we hope that the problems that currently exist in tailoring are solved: lack of qualified labor, recognition of craftsmanship and of course value quality and not just look at price...

We can say that we are very happy with the experience that, although we currently do not have the artisan tailoring service in our store like generations ago, we do not want to disconnect from this wonderful world that is tailoring, its artisans and equipment and the lovers and followers of this world. We will continue to preserve the essence of tailoring, our heritage, which my great-grandfather Enrique Pellejero Bonilla began to leave us, today with “ready to wear” and tomorrow… 


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