We don't celebrate Black Friday

We do not celebrate Black Friday. We explain the reasons

We inform you that we do not celebrate Black Friday and therefore we will not make special discounts. Some reasons why we do not celebrate this American promotion are:

- Out of respect for our customers. In addition to listening to you, we understand you and therefore it does not seem fair either to us that the same items that you have bought a few days before or even the day before in these days are discounted and over in full season.

- We are open to the world, we like to learn and improve but always things that contribute something positive (in our view this is not)

- It's not about being big or small it's about "having common sense". If only the safe price matters we will lose great things.

- We do not want to be "accomplices" of the degradation that this trade is suffering and this sector "To a good understanding, few words are enough".

- And finally as Oscar Wilde said: "In the days that run people know the price of everything and the value of nothing"

We hope you understand us and of course we respect who does.

Hugo Pellejero Herraiz

CEO Enrique Pellejero

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