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161,16 €

Vilagallo jacket with cheerful colorful multicolored in dark blue, green and red tones with raw background. Blazer with vertical stripes and pockets. Combine it with different garments of the same tissue!

90,83 €

Vilagallo pants with raw tweezers. Pants with rubber waist and belt, simulated side and back pockets and low back. If you want you can combine it with a matching jacket

156,94 €

Vilagallo raw jacket. Blazer with simulated pockets, small trim detail on sleeves and adjustable with belt if you want. You can combine it with matching pants

78,51 €

Vilagallo trousers denim model mily light

128,10 €

Vilagallo open coat juliet madelaine gold model with multi-colored fringe finish

156,94 €

Vilagallo crepe jacket fuchsia model clever

165,21 €

Vilagallo jacket with stripes in blue, green and beige tone. Jacket model clover green stripes HR with elbow sleeves and lapels

66,03 €

Vilagallo beige top with gold braces. Model shirt Gina ecru

66,03 €

Vilagallo green top with contrasting gold braces. Model shirt gina green hr

165,21 €

Vilagallo jacket with vertical stripes, elbow sleeves and lapels. Jacket model clover navy stripes

99,09 €

Vilagallo print dress with sleeve, round neck with tears and zip fastening on the back.

90,08 € 115,62 € -22.0872%

Vilagallo dress with suspenders with cheerful multi-colored leaf print. Very summery dress with neckline on back and lacing. Inner lining and zip fastening on the back. Last units.

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