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Are you looking for a wallet for men? Look at these that we offer you stand out for their comfort, quality and capacity. Small in size but with capacity for everything you need, it will be your perfect ally for day to day. Exentri leather wallets are in one: card holders and wallets in addition to having the RFID security system. Made with top quality materials, they are designed for today's man, compress cards and tickets in a small space for your convenience. And if you like purses more, there are also Exentri wallet models with pocket so you can keep the coins and have it all together.
Renew your wallet for a more current and small skin or if you have to make a gift it is a great idea, there are a variety of colors: black, brown, hazelnut, sand ... It also includes an elegant case and if you want we wrap it free for gift


Do you have to renew your belt? Look at the wide variety of belts for men that we have. Made in Spain with the best materials and a current design for all moments. Whether you are looking for a dress belt for your suit or a sport belt for Chinese pants or jeans you will surely find it. Possum leather belts add value to your outfit, do not neglect accessories and differentiate yourself.

If you are looking to give an accessory for men, it is a great idea that you like and remember it for its great quality.

You don't know what size to buy? We tell you how you can find out:

- Belt size cm:                Pant size cm:

          85                           40-42

          90                           42-44

          95                           44-46

         100                          46-48

         105                          48-50

         110                          50-52

         115                            54

- Take the belt that fits you best and look on the back usually put the size but take a tape measure and measure from the third hole to the middle of the buckle, that will be your size.

- Simply measure your contour just where you wear the belt

Remember that you must fasten it in the third hole, do not tighten it too much so that you do not get wrinkles on the pants, the simpler the more formal buckle is the belt, pass it through all the loops (the rush is not good), if changing your size prevents the previous mark from being noticed and finally the belt optically divides the body into two parts, if you use it in color contrast on the pants it will subtract you height.


We show you the best shoes for men, complete your outfit without sacrificing the comfort and style of good shoes. Made in Spain with noble materials meet design and quality to start the day on the right foot. If you are looking for a more elegant and formal style, we recommend Sergio Serrano shoes made in Spain with the best materials that will surely not disappoint you. If you are looking for a more casual style we recommend those of Chopo also manufactured in Spain stand out for their comfort and lightness ideal for a more casual outfit.

You can find dress shoes for men Oxford type, with buckles and even of special width so that wearing shoes is not a problem. In the sport line we have blucher, nautical, sports ...

Also, if you don't find your number, contact us, maybe we can get it for you.

Remember that we are authorized store selling all brands that we have on our website and are original products. You can pay your purchase by bank card, Pay Pal and transfer. If you have any questions please contact us.

And remember, don't skimp on good shoes.

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Sergio Serrano black dress shoes Wembley English model with lace closure.

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Possum cinturón negro piel hebilla

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Possum brown leather belt buckle

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ZD boxer black camouflage

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Pertegaz náutico rojo combinado blanco

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Pertegaz zapatos negros con hebillas

34,90 €

Fine and classic t-shirt ZD exudes elegance thanks to its design and perfect fit. Made with Egyptian Elasticized Cotton ZD it adapts to the body like a second skin. Transpiration and comfort are the parameters that define this garment. Flat seams on collar and sleeve. ZD T-shirt with round neck and black color, model 3300.

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