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69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Multicolored sandals with red tassels Daniela Shoes brand. Sandals with ankle strap, buckle closure, 7 cm heel and padded leather insole for comfort. Original and attractive sandals to complete your outfit

69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Daniela golden sandals with straps and open heel. Platform shoes with a 6 cm heel. The golden sandals that will always get you out of trouble

69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Fuchsia ballroom shoes by Daniela Shoes. Shoes with a thin 7 cm high heel and a pleated toe. Combined suede and leather shoes. Cushioned insole for comfort

72,00 € 94,00 € -23.4043%

Black sandals with wide heel Daniela Shoes brand. Suede shoes with gold contrast heel lining, strap closure and side buckle. Platform sandals with padded leather insole for greater comfort. A wild card for your wardrobe

59,00 € 87,00 € -32.1839%

Daniela nude leather sandal with platform. Shoes with 10 cm heel, buckle closure and padded insole for comfort. Elegant shoe for your wardrobe background.

59,00 € 89,90 € -34.3715%

Daniela sandal suede yellow sunflower. Shoes with bow detail, strass bracelet and 8 cm heel. Closure with buckle and padded insole for comfort

59,00 € 84,90 € -30.5065%

Daniela tricolor sandal in orange tones, mustard and sea green. Shoes with buckle closure and loop detailing. 8 cm heel and padded insole for comfort.

59,00 € 84,90 € -30.5065%

Daniela shoes sea green color with 8 cm heel. Suede shoes with heel ruffle and padded insole for comfort. Elegant shoes for your outfit.

63,00 € 89,90 € -29.9221%

Daniela shoes with heel of 8 cm electric blue color. Suede shoes with heel bow detail and padded insole for comfort. Buy now safely and quickly these Daniela brand shoes We are authorized store

109,00 €

Daniela turquoise split leather ankle boots combined with fancy trimmings and fringed tongue. Ankle boots with 8 cm heel, padded insole for extra comfort leather, sole in leather and zipper with side zipper. Do not miss out on these original booties ideal for your outfits

105,00 €

Daniela black booties with red military style ribbons. Comfortable suede boots with padded leather insole to allow additional comfort. Daniela brand ankle boots with zipper side closure and cuerolite sole

55,00 € 82,00 € -32.9268%

Daniela red shoes with 9 cm heel, interior opening and padded insole for comfort. Brooch not included in the price. Do not miss yours.

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