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69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Multicolored sandals with red tassels Daniela Shoes brand. Sandals with ankle strap, buckle closure, 7 cm heel and padded leather insole for comfort. Original and attractive sandals to complete your outfit

69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Daniela golden sandals with straps and open heel. Platform shoes with a 6 cm heel. The golden sandals that will always get you out of trouble

69,00 € 89,00 € -22.4719%

Fuchsia ballroom shoes by Daniela Shoes. Shoes with a thin 7 cm high heel and a pleated toe. Combined suede and leather shoes. Cushioned insole for comfort

72,00 € 94,00 € -23.4043%

Black sandals with wide heel Daniela Shoes brand. Suede shoes with gold contrast heel lining, strap closure and side buckle. Platform sandals with padded leather insole for greater comfort. A wild card for your wardrobe

59,00 € 87,00 € -32.1839%

Daniela nude leather sandal with platform. Shoes with 10 cm heel, buckle closure and padded insole for comfort. Elegant shoe for your wardrobe background.

59,00 € 89,90 € -34.3715%

Daniela sandal suede yellow sunflower. Shoes with bow detail, strass bracelet and 8 cm heel. Closure with buckle and padded insole for comfort

59,00 € 84,90 € -30.5065%

Daniela tricolor sandal in orange tones, mustard and sea green. Shoes with buckle closure and loop detailing. 8 cm heel and padded insole for comfort.

59,00 € 84,90 € -30.5065%

Daniela shoes sea green color with 8 cm heel. Suede shoes with heel ruffle and padded insole for comfort. Elegant shoes for your outfit.

63,00 € 89,90 € -29.9221%

Daniela shoes with heel of 8 cm electric blue color. Suede shoes with heel bow detail and padded insole for comfort. Buy now safely and quickly these Daniela brand shoes We are authorized store

55,00 € 82,00 € -32.9268%

Daniela red shoes with 9 cm heel, interior opening and padded insole for comfort. Brooch not included in the price. Do not miss yours.

54,00 € 85,00 € -36.4706%

Daniela sandal flat animal print in beige tone with tassels. Original sandals for summer with side buckle closure. Sole in cuerolite.

59,00 € 99,00 € -40.404%

Daniela navy blue suede wedges with multicolored tassels in white, red and navy blue. Sandals with wedge of 9 cm, closure with gold buckle, leather padded insole for comfort and sole cuerolite. Very cool wedges for the veranito do not stay without yours.

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