Sweaters and cardigans 

40,50 € 57,77 € -29.8999%

Sweater Valecuatro man model burgundy colour chester. Cotton sweater with tuxedo collar and horizontal stripes navy blue and white. Original sweater with Valecuatro logo embroidery and elastic endings.

36,36 € 49,50 € -26.5442%

Valecuatro Jersey man model London green color. Nice jersey with V-neck, elbow patches and celestial profiles in elastics finish. Small Valecuatro logo on chest embroidered in navy blue and white. Valecuatro brand basic jersey very easy to combine.

35,54 € 53,64 € -33.7442%

Knitted jacket Valecuatro man model Bristol color navy blue. Cotton cardigan jacket combined with navy blue and red profiles, elastic terminations

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Sweaters and cardigans Valecuatro man